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Frequently Asked Questions

AEGIS was formed as a hub to organize, track and protect the rights of heroes around the world.

First and foremost, you must actually be a hero. This means you have a physical or mental ability beyond typical human behaviors. The other factor is that you use your ability for the betterment of mankind. If you use it for selfish and evil reasons, you are considered a villain, and will be barred from AEGIS.

Our representatives are diligent about responding quickly to our hero members' needs. You can expect to hear back from one of our valiant representatives within 3-7 business days of your submission.

There is no cost or fee to register for AEGIS.

Abuse of your power and abilities for selfish or villainous reasons will immediately bar you as a registered member of AEGIS. Failure to meet heroic criteria will also cause an application to be rejected.

No. You are required to obtain your own uniform.

Unfortunately, due to our heroes’ high-risk ventures, AEGIS is unable to supply our members with health insurance, retirement or benefits at this time. Please check back again at a later time.

Members are allowed to cancel their membership at any time, however there is a 6-month waiting policy and re-testing required if you wish to re-register.

Only if they’re legitimate heroes.

There are no benefits or discounts for being a member of AEGIS. Being a hero is a privilege, not a promo code.

Membership cards are manufactured in our secure facilities and wait times are typically 4-8 weeks.

Just print out a new card, or use the digital version on your phone or computer. You can also apply for a hard copy duplicate in person with a signed Form 1655-CV and the required $157 reprinting fee.

M-W: 9-6, Thursday: Closed, Friday: 11-4, Sat: 10-3, Sun: Closed.

Because of their increased demand, personal appointments with our AEGIS representatives are restricted.

Please contact an AEGIS representative for any changes to your personal info.

No, but ask your accountant about special exemptions on hero related purchases and expenses.

Yes. Retired heroes may be called out of retirement one day, and we don’t want to go through the strenuous process of re-registering you. Once a member, always a member (pending any villainous behaviors).

We don’t recommend it. Changing your hero name is a lengthy process and requires a number of lengthy forms and procedures.

No. Membership into AEGIS is free.

No. You are required to give yourself a hero name based off your ability. This is the first true test of a hero.

Mistakes happen to everyone. Please fill out the Collateral Damage Assessment Form CDAF-107G and our Incident Response team will review the circumstances and make a determination.

Standard practice requires our Armed Response Team to evaluate all potential villains, please contact your local office for an evaluation.

Individuals classified as villains must undergo an extensive de-programming and psychological evaluation and stand trial for any outstanding crimes. Participation in the experimental Villain Rehabilitation program can be earned by cooperating with AEGIS and performing redemptive acts of good and heroism.

Committing any local, state or federal crimes automatically results in a possible reclassification of an AEGIS registrant from hero to villain. If you have stolen, killed or destroyed personal property without cause, your status can be changed without notification.

After a change in status from hero to villain, you will be placed on the AEGIS Most Wanted List and our tactical agents will open an active investigation to arrest and try you for your crimes.

Yes, each individual in your organization is required to have their own valid ID card.

No, you’re a villain.

No, all licenses must be up-to-date with accurate information on an applicant's powers, gears and abilities in order for the license to be processed. Any information that is found to be inaccurate could result in fines.